Friday, February 4, 2022

Adventures with Food. Episode 1


Everybody eats! The question is, does everyone have a healthy relationship with their food? Definitely not!

In this world of fast-paced jobs, soccer practice, karate, meetings, and everything else, a lot of people resort to unhealthy eating habits that have the secondary problem of being costly overall.

Society doesn't do a great job of encouraging people to eat well (compare the price of a greasy cheeseburger to that of a salad from the same place) and it's easy to fall into the convenience of fast food and/or over-processed food.

The invention of services like Hello Fresh do make it a bit easier but it's still super costly to an average lower-middle income family. Despite all that, some of us still want to eat healthy! And some of us... HAVE to.

This long introduction is sort a just a rant, but I had been thinking about it due to some realisations I had recently. Aside from my sensory texture issues, in the past, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted. Now? Now I've been having some pretty bad issues with stomach and intestinal pain after eating at times. I kept dismissing it as "I ate too fast" or "I ate too much" but the more it happened... 

My husband said to me last night that he thinks I've developed a food sensitivity (at least) or an allergy, so I thought I'd journal a bit about my quest to figure it out, narrow it down, and see what I can't eat anymore.

I'm curious if my somewhat increased waistline is due to bloating from food sensitivity/allergy because I don't tend to eat more than 1500 calories a day and while I don't have an exercise routine, I am fairly active... 

The current candidates for culprits are: something in enriched wheat flour, folic acid, soybean oil.

I'll be keeping a food diary and will update here when I have things to update.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

My first "Mood Board"

So, I've been an insomniac for as long as I can remember. I am also super busy like ALL.THE.TIME.

Often, by the time I'm rolling into bed, I'm exhausted but not sleepy. I historically have lain in bed for sometimes hours before falling asleep and that's really not good. 

What can a person do? Besides actually getting OUT of bed until such time one is ready to sleep, there are a couple of things I have found work for me. These things are the subject of my first "Mood Board". Mood boards are also called Inspiration boards and can for just about anything! 

So, what IS a Mood Board? According to Oxford Language, Mood Board is a noun that means: an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Businesses use them to envision their branding, interior designers use them to create a colour wheel for a particular room. Why can't WE use them to inspire us, or even just to remind us of things that help our well-being? We CAN!

This mood board seen above is my first one. It is a small collection of the things I know have helped me in the past with my sleep issues. Having this printed out near my bed helps me remember... instead of being frustrated when I can't sleep, get up and make some tea, smell some lavender... hold my amethyst for a few minutes while calm breathing, put on my water soundscapes. 

But, couldn't one just remember what works without the help of a mood board? Sure, maybe some could, maybe you could sometimes, but... when we get into that "nothing is working" mindset, it is so easy to overlook pretty much EVERYTHING in order to wallow. The mood board close by is a VISUAL FOCAL REMINDER to get out of that "can't do" attitude and take care of your mind/body/soul WELLNESS!

It's easy to make and Canva (where I made mine) has a number of free templates to get you started, just search "mood board"! I would love to hear about yours, comment and tell me about them!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Working My Zen

 Hey all! So it's been about 2 weeks since my last post and I still haven't done the hula hoopy thing again, HOWEVER, I AM drinking more water (which is a huge deal for me because I historically did not like plain water), I am working on avoiding the fast food whenever possible and cooking nearly every night (we tend to go out or get take away once every two weeks- unless we do our Sunday Waffle House then once a week).

I have not been doing the hula hoopy thing because, well... maybe TMI, but my body is like "Oh hey! She's doing more healthy things, time to DETOX!" I don't think I need to explain that, but I haven't really been feeling up to sloshing my insides, not until the natural detox is done!

I've been busy though! I've been doing a LOT of market research, putting together some more ideas for products AND working on my own self care! 

I don't know if anyone reading this has experience with the following 2 apps but I just started on them and I'm excited to see what they are all about. The first one is called Finch: Self-Care Widget Pet. Finch is super cute and you can set goals and such each day. (You get to name your Finch too. I named mine Jubilee)

Then there's 21 Days: Life-Changing Habits. Each challenge is 21 days long and you can pick one already listed or make your own.

Both are available on Google for Android (not sure about Apple). I'll let you all know what I think of them once I've used them a bit more.


Namaste tha Latcho Drom! ~Serenity

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Broken Promises?

 We made some promises to ourselves on New Year's Eve, so how many of those promises have you already broken?

Hey, it's okay to admit it if you have! In fact, I have already sort of messed up one of them.

So, let's talk about this. I told myself I was going to do 15 minutes of cardio, twice a day, every day my husband was at work (5 or 6 depending). I got one of those hula hoopy things- the new popular ones that fasten around your waist and have a ball that moves in a circle around you as you "hoop". I planned to NOT do this on days my husband is off, because it's kind of loud and my husband has sensory issues with repetitive loud noises.

I started off strong... 5 minutes to the left, 5 to the right and 5 minutes of squats alternative with arm work with 2 lb weights and a 20 minute walk after dinner. Day two I did 7 minutes left, 7 right and finished up with squats with weights then an 18 minute walk after dinner... today?

Well today I did not exercise. Ok, I did the walk, but I did not hoop, I did not squat, I did not pick up my weights. To be fair though, I was cleaning literally ALL DAY. My first of the year PURGE. I moved furniture, I swept, I swore, I sweated... so I mean, I did burn some calories. 

Do I give up? Fuck no! Imma go grab my hoopy thing tomorrow and get back at it. That's the beauty of promises to yourself. If you break it, you can fix it. You just have to go do it.

So every one of you who have already fucked up a little, it's okay! You're human! (well most of you are) and you just go and start it up again.

You got this! I got this! We got this! Now go do it! <3

Until next time,

Latcho drom and Baxtalo Nevo Bersh! (Happy New Year)

Friday, December 31, 2021

New Year, New... ugh


How many of you DESPISE that phrase? I'm sensing a high number here! But WHY?

For a lot of us, it's because we fail. We fail at the enormous and unrealistic goals we make for ourselves on December 31. Why do we fail? Because the goals are... see above, ENORMOUS and unrealistic.

With people around the world rounding out year 2 of COVID, those who didn't find inspiration in the isolation are tired of the pounds gained, the lethargy with which life has been approached, among other things... so CHANGE IT!

Easier said than done, right? No. But there IS a catch. You HAVE TO MAKE REALISTIC GOALS!

So, what does a set a realistic goals look like, versus a set of unrealistic goals? Well, that will vary from person to person, and it might not look at pronounced as my coming example, but it will give you an idea.


1. Lose 100 pounds
2. Exercise 5 days a week for an hour each day
3. Spend 2 hours a day in nature


1. Create healthy meal plans with the goal of reducing calories/carbs/etc for natural weight loss
    a. join a program like Noom? or DIY?
        1. on from there
2. Find/Piece together an exercise program that targets my problem area(s)
    a. stomach/abs
    b. legs
3. Exercise 3 hours a week, including short walks outside after dinner
    a. get up 30 minutes early for exercise 3 days a week (1.5 hours)
    b. take a 15 minute walk daily after dinner (1.75 hours)

See the differences between the two sets of goals? The first one is outrageous and way too hard for a person who isn't already super disciplined with food and exercise. People that make goals like this start strong but tend to let off my March, then get depressed because they failed. It's okay to fail, but we must treat failures as lessons. We learn that this thing we tried, is a bit ambitious, so let's knock it down a couple of notches and try again, huh?

Look at the second set of goals... not only are the goals themselves more realistic for newbs, but there is a plan involved. Saying "I want to lose weight!" is a goal, but a poor goal. HOW are you going to do it? If you don't have a plan, chances are you won't do well, will get frustrated, and give up. Planning is everything! My husband taught me two things (well I mean, he's taught me more than two, but these two are relevant) from his time in the Navy.

They are: The 7 P's
Positive Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance 


Proper Problem Solving requires Proper Problem Definition

The 7 P's tell us not to go into something without a plan. As much as I like to be a "Pantster" rather than a "Planner" some things just need plans. Goals are one of those things.

The second phrase tells us that in order to move forward with a solution, we first need to know the actual problem. For example... if you're retaining water and that is what is causing your weight to be higher than you'd like, you wouldn't do ab exercises and expect good results. Instead, up your water intake and lower your sodium intake to combat water weight. 

Now, obviously this might not be YOUR problem, but whatever your problem IS, you need to DEFINE the problem, before you fix it.

So what I'm getting at with all of this, is that it IS possible to have a successful NEW YEAR, NEW YOU... you just have to go about it the correct way.

I can help with that, so if you're curious contact me about Life Coaching. I can assist you with proper goal setting, be there to lend an ear, help you hold yourself accountable for your plans and goals, and more. Sessions are done 100% online through FB message or email so you can be completely comfortable. Find out more about Life Coaching and my other available services here: La Luna Gitana (opens in new window)

Now, off I go to make some beignets with my boys, tomorrow I start forming my OWN goals and maybe, I'll blog about them, to keep MYSELF accountable!

Until next time,

Latcho drom and Baxtalo Nevo Bersh! (Happy New Year)


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

On Vacation

...not really (on vacation). I'm producer-ing and acting in the independent film I mentioned last week so I am not here! I'm on location but should be back in full blogging swing next week.

 My Autopsy (click the film name to go to the FB page) is a ten-years-in-the-making, independent film by Holly Mollohan, my "pirate-in-crime", whom I met during bellydance classes back in 2015. The film delves into the dark subject of domestic violence, and the aftermath of it. Set in the rock music scene, it's not your typical Hallmark Channel film. It is being filmed entirely in the beautiful state of West Virginia, an oft overlooked place of lush, beautiful forests, and in the Spring when the trees are budding and flowers are beginning to bloom, a green like I'd never seen anywhere else. As producer, I was able to secure some pretty sweet locations, including the Itmann Company Store, and the Alpine Theater, both historical buildings with many stories to tell.

I signed on as producer back in June of 2018 and it's been a whirlwind of firsts for me. I'd never produced a film before (though I have acted in the past) and I have learned a LOT along the way. I also play the part of Cassie. Co-worker and zany friend of Rachel, the protagonist. Cassie is a lot like me... chakras and crystals, not much of a filter either, so I got to bring much of myself, including some of my own wardrobe into the character.

Director Holly (front left) & Director of Photography JP (front right)
discuss blocking, while I (Cassie- back left) & Gareth (Rachel- back right)
take a break from "cleaning the bathroom" waiting for the next go 'round.

This week, at the time this post goes up, we'll be half-way through our final filming session. I will update periodically with news of the film.

I can't wait to film the nightmare asylum scenes at Itmann, and can't wait to see it on the screen!

Namaste & Latcho Drom

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Out Like a Lamb

Lambs are cute... and always seem to be having fun. I'd like to be a lamb more often, as I'm super busy right now! I don't know about you and what's going on in your life at the moment, but for me, my days and nights are full! I'm not only producer for an independent film (which wraps up principal photography in mid-April), but I'm also acting in the film! I'm also hustling with my husband (we do Grub Hub and others), I'm a full-time mum to two feral boys, homeschooling, writing my books, doing tarot and tea readings, lifecoaching, writing classes to teach, writing this blog, learning a language, and a number of other things at any given time. Free time? What's that?!

So, let's talk a little about ways to take care of yourself when you're super busy!

1. SLEEP! Make sure you're getting enough sleep for YOU! Different people need different amounts of sleep, but YOU know how much you need to function well. Myself, I easily get by on about five hours, maybe six. My husband on the other hand, needs eight or nine! (I've read somewhere that Gemini need more sleep... I don't know if that's true, but MY Gemini sure does!) So yes, get yourself to bed with enough time to get in your required hours of sleep every night!

2. Eat Healthy! Eating healthy meals is better all around, and you'll feel more energised!

3. Take a Bath! Not just any bath, light a candle, put on some relaxing music, light some incense and have a cup of tea. Put your favourite essential oil, or bath salts in and let the stress melt away in the warm envelope of water.

4. Pamper Yourself! Do your nails, try a new face mask... whatever makes you feel pampered. Even a small thing might be enough... you took time for yourself! YAY!

5. Ask for Help. There's no shame in asking someone to help... help you clean one day, take the kids for a couple of hours, help you cook up a week's worth of food to freeze so you can pop something in the slow cooker every day, reducing the amount of time you have to spend each night in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. I actually used to do this thing with a friend, two days a week, we'd clean. One day at my house, one day at hers. We called ourselves The Cleaning Amigas. I know, not extremely inventive, but it worked for us. I actually LIKE doing dishes... she hated it. She actually LIKED doing sweeping/mopping... I hated it, so we each did the parts we liked at each others houses, and everything ended up getting done. You may not have two days a week to exchange like that, but the point is, you can ask for help. It's really okay.

How do YOU take care of yourself during your busiest times? Comment below!

Namaste & Latcho Drom